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Beat Bots

  • Beat Bots is a 2D fighting game. You play Charlie or Makoto, two robots fighting  for territory dominance. They are thirsty for oil and bolts and nothing can stop their endless anger until only one is left standing!
  • This game was made for the nano project of the cnam-ENJMIN (France, Angoulême) within approximately a week of work.

  • Platform : PC, mac

  • The game requires 2 PS4 controllers 

  • Controles BeatBots :

Our glorious team :


Benoit Gauthier (Boyaki)


Pierre Ulysse (22h30

Antonin Herrero (TinoW)

Sound design 

Valentin Di Domenico (Pamplemousse

Terry Perez-Gervais (Globali)

Project Manager 

Antoine Thévenoux (Bourbabour)


Delphine Piccoli (TallDalphin)

 Julen Laborde(Denethor)

Game Design 

Ida Fermaud (Ida

Marc Le Nestour (Allifeur)


nano.zip 309 MB

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