A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Death stare is a 4 players FPS without weapons. Play one of the 4 mighty contestants against your friends and shift into an arena where you'll be fighting until your last breath with the raw power contain into the eyes of your character: the Death Stare.


The game is designed to be played with 4 controllers by 4 players at the same time! 

Although, the game still playable with only 2 or 3 players (it is just less funny).

We are aware that it is sometimes hard to group up especially in a context of a worldwide deadly pandemic outbreak so... let us introduce you to Parsec (see bellow what it is about)! 


Move with the left stick.
Move the camera with the right stick.
Stare with RT (Xbox) / R2 (PS).
Jump with A (Xbox) / X (PS).

Bindings are configurable.


We made Death Stare as our final project for our 1st year of Master's Degree at Cnam-Enjmin, a french video game school. We had to make a 10 minutes experience in about 3 months.

If you enjoy the music of the game, feel free to find our OST here:


Parsec is a free remote access product connecting you to your computer from anywhere using peer-to-peer connection.

Thanks to it you can play Death Stare with any of your friends around the world!

Here is the link to the tool: https://parsecgaming.com/  ;)

The Team

Nicolas Leray - Game Designer / Programmer
Youcef Mnakri - Artist / Animator (and Salt Designer)
Fabrizio Santoro - Lead Programmer
Antoine Thevenoux - Producer
Valentin di Domenico - Sound Designer / Music Composer
Benoit Gauthier - UX designer


DSBuildMac.app.zip 691 MB
DSBuildWindows 695 MB


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Hi! Every time I start the game it loads the start menu. Can't click on any button to enter gameplay. Navigation through arrow keys does not work either. Enter or Escape buttons are not doing anything. The animation of the grass in the start menu is working fine. Plz, help me play the game! :)

i feel like after a kill, it might be nice if your health started to regenerate, not a full bar on  execution, but a build up equivalent to  perhaps half a health?
for a better feel of being better then your rivals : )

I can't run this game because my antivirus says it's contaminated with IDP-something something :( So sad even though we are looking forward to playing

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Hi ! I'm the lead dev on this :) Your problem is very strange, it's the first time it is happening, I'm sorry about that. Is it possible to know which antivirus you are using ?

P.S: So sorry for the delay, we are a bit busy !


Amazing ! Ce jeu est incroyable ! Jouez-y !

Merci vieux ;)