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Imagine the widest battlefield on this land. Imagine swords clashing, arrows whistling, opponents crying in glee and determination. Imagine it the best you can, because you won’t see any of it in Fatesmith.
In this game, you stay in your forge located on the battlefield and listen to the requests of soldiers who want to improve their broken or inadequate equipment. Lend an ear to their stories, decipher their needs and allocate iron in their armor, sword and bow, so that they may survive a little more out there and get your army a step closer to victory.
Created in a 48-hour timespan, during the Global Game Jam 2020, Fatesmith is a CMS narrative game that aims to provide the player with a silly and casual moment in a dramatic environment.

Nicolas Leray - Lead game design and programming
Aurélien Rivat - Game design
Chiara Rosmarino - Narrative design
Valentin Di Domenico - Sound design
Thomas Imbert - Composition
Kévin Gouesnard - Game art
Samuel Busson - Programming
Guillaume Alves - Programming
Wissam Azzi - Pastry chef

Antoine Thévenoux - Management


Fatesmith.1.23.zip 173 MB

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