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You and your sibling want to watch TV at night without your parents knowing, so you decide not to switch the lights on.

Sadly, your parents knew about your plans in advance and prepared a lot of traps before going to bed... Well aware that you both are colorblind.

By chance, one can see the color the other can't, so you might reach the TV if you work together!

In this game, you evolve in dangerous levels where communication is the key to success. Indeed, as you are wearing retro stereoscopic glasses, you need the intel of your partner to know where the platforms you can't see are in order to escape the deadly mazes you will face together.

Created during the Art Game week at the Cnam-Enjmin, Stereoscoop is a platformer that aims to provide the player with a casual and interactive moment in a retrowave environment.

You can create your own helmets by following this tutorial.

Otherwise, you can try playing the game without stereoscopic glasses by using two screens and setting the color of the other player (red or blue) at zero on your screen.

Théo Olivier | Programming

Guilhem Pech | Programming

Lisa Bermis | Game Art

Aliénor Blanc | UX/UI Design & DIY Art

Loïc da Silva | Game Design

Pierre-Henri Heurté | Game Design

Valentin di Domenico | Music & Sound Design

Antoine Thévenoux | Project Management


Stereoscoop (Windows) 96 MB
Stereoscoop (Mac OS X) 97 MB

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